Interesting results from Lower NI & Central NIs so far!

Central NIs – Day 1 – Taupo 

Today the fleet sailed in two pools, Grey & White and we managed to complete the first round, with a mixture of weather and wind strength and a number of course resets!  Based on the results of the first round, we will start tomorrow, weather permitting, with a sail off between the 4th place team in each pool.  The top three teams from each pool together with the winner from the sailoff will form Gold fleet and the losing team will join the bottom three teams from each pool in a Silver fleet.

Our forecast is for the wind to drop during the day, so it remains to be seen whether the earlier start will allow us to complete a whole round robin tomorrow or not.

Lower NIs – Wellington
Great racing on day one with the the first round robyn completed. Updates and photos posted on TRIYA Facebook page at
No wind at all today – kept waiting from 8 am till 3.30 pm with no luck 🙁 Hope to be able to finish the second round robyn tomorrow, though the weather forecast does not look very promising – 2 knots at 10 am rising to 20-27 knots by 1 pm and 26-35 knots by 4 pm.