Auckland Cup

Day 1 was a great day with sunshine and steady conditions, however, the breeze was very light. Two Round Robins (split fleet) were completed and everyone was happy.

An earlier start Day 2 with plenty of breeze to start 16 +/- knots steady from the NE. The Race Committee thought that they were going to easily march through another round robin and have an early prize giving and away home for a cup of tea. However, the breeze started to build and was soon touching 20 knots and above. They battled on for a while, closely watching to see how the teams handled it. But breakages started to occur and eventually all boats were sent ashore to reef their mains, with breeze up and down as the rain clouds rolled over. Back out and things were going quite well until a silver fleet boat broke it’s mast. By then it was starting to howl and we sent the sliver fleet boats ashore, having decided to race the remaining two gold fleet races, then call it quits. All ashore by about 2.00pm. Unfortunately, EGGS and DIO only got two races each today.

Results summary:

GIRLS: 1st Epsom Girls Grammar; 2nd Diocesan; 3rd Baradene

OVERALL: 1st Auckland Grammar School; 2nd Selwyn College; 3rd St Kentigern College

Auckland Cup Results 2018
Ak Cup 1