February News

Calendar 2019

Reminder the closing date for entries is 8th April, which is after all regional events have been held. The entry fee of $2300 is due for payment by this date also.

Failure to pay the entry fee by the closing date may invalidate an entry. An invoice can be sent if this assists organising payment.

As usual the entries are via the online Entry Form, but refer to the NOR for required & essential info, before attempting to complete the entry. As always please pay particular attention to #4 Eligibility, including entry requirements and Appendix X.

Note that, as with other national sailing events, all sailors are required to belong to a YNZ affiliated club. The entry requires either the YNZ club membership number for the sailor, individual club membership number or as a minimum a letter from the club confirming membership.

There is no travel discount this year.

We will be trialling providing protest and breakdown flags with the boats. Boats will be supplied with red protest flags permanently fitted to the shrouds and yellow breakdown flags attached to the vang. The general idea for the use of these flags is “For protests by boats under D2.2, a red flag is conspicuously displayed when it is hoisted an arm’s length up a shroud and it remains there until the protested boat takes a penalty or the umpires signal a decision. The flag shall then be lowered to deck level at the first reasonable opportunity.  If a boat wishes to protest when the flag is already displayed it shall first be lowered to deck level and then displayed again.” Some regional event organisers are looking to trial this at their events.

Also remember Clause #7 – the warning signal will be made at 3 minutes before the start as normal, but the preparatory signal will be made at one minute before the start instead of the normal 2 minutes.

A reminder that all members of a secondary school sailing team who participate at either regional or national events must be junior members of NZTSA.
The fee for a Junior Member is $1 and will be included in the SSNats entry. However, sailors in teams who attend regional events, but not SSNats must become members – we ask that the organisers of regional events collect the relevant sailor details (name & address) and fee, then forward to the Secretary, NZTSA.
This is not a revenue gathering exercise, but a method of registering members.
Regionals organisers please remember to adjust your NORs accordingly if necessary.
Schools entered in SSNats, automatically become Associate Members and will be entitled to vote on any NZTSA matters. Other teams, etc (e.g. attending regionals only) may also apply for membership and therefore, be entitled to vote, too.

The annual teams umpire course will be held on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April at the main Sandspit Yacht Club at Sandspit.

Lower South Island Regionals.

NB: To enable this event to be organised, a firm indication of attendance must be received at nztsasecretary@gmail.com by 15th February 2019, with completed entries being accepted until the closing date of 15th  March 2019.

The organisers of the North of the Bridge event to be held at Parua Bay invite south of bridge teams to compete too.

Any further NORs, reports, etc can be forwarded for uploading.

New 420s for Cambridge www.yachtingnz.org.nz/news/cambridge-buy-six-bullet-proof-boats